Travel Agencies Registration

Travel Agencies Registration

Required documents for grant of Travel Agency Licence
  • Application of prescribed Form-I duly typed, signed and stamped [Download Form-I]

  • An original bank certificate showing a working Capital not less than Rs.400,000/- duly signed and stamped by the concerned bank [Download sample certificate]

  • Attested copy of valid National Taxation Number (NTN) Certificate

  • An original Balance Sheet showing Assets & Liabilities duly signed and stamped by the concerned Chartered Accountant

  • Attested copy of Tenancy / Rent or Lease Agreement along with CNIC of landlord and electricity bill

  • Office premises Sketch Map showing various counters and show windows etc. The measurement of office shall not be less than 250 sq.ft

  • In case of Partnership Firm, attested copies of Registration Certificate and Partnership Deed along share composition of all directors with duly certified by the Registrar of Firms.

  • In case of Limited Company, attested copies of Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association along share composition of all directors, duly certified by the Registrar of Companies.

  • Copy of documents of atleast 800cc car in the name of travel agency / proprietor / partner / director

  • Particulars of the Proprietor, Partners, Directors & Manager with residential addresses, CNIC number, Cell number, District along with attested copies CNIC, educational qualification & experience certificate, also indicate the concerned district where they live and address of the concerned Police Station and Senior Superintendent of Police

  • List of staff showing their names, residential address, CNIC and Cell number, designation, educational qualification & experience along with attested copies of CNIC, educational qualification certificate and atleast one year experience certificate in travel trade

  • Bank Guarantee

Annual fee for grant and renewal of licence
S.NO. FIELD OF OPERATION License fee for main office (Rs.) License fee for each branch office (Rs.)
1 Booking of passages and baggages by air, rail, road or sea for citizens of Pakistan or tourists for any destination. 8,000/- 5,000/-
2 Organizing group tours for citizen of Pakistan to a foreign country or countries. 8,000/- 5,000/-
3 Organizing group tours of citizens of Pakistan or foreigners within Pakistan and organizing arranging sightseeing, providing or arranging sports including shooting (Shikar), entertainment or arranging trekking or mountain climbing for tourists within Pakistan. 15,000/- 8,000/-
4 Providing or arranging accommodation and transportation for tourists within Pakistan or outside Pakistan. 4,000/- 2,000/-
5 Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims 25,000/- 13,000/-

Fees for alteration in licence or issuance of duplicate of licence
1 For change in the nature of composition of a travel agency Rs.10,000/-
2 For change in the number of branch offices Rs.2,000/- for each branch office
3 For change in the field of operation Rs.5,000/- in respect of main office
Rs.2,000/- in respect of each branch office
4 For the issuance of duplicate licence Rs.10,000/-
5 For shifting of office premise Rs.1,000/- for Head Office and
Rs.500/- for each branch office